Specialized Respiratory and Ventilator Care

Astoria provides specialized care to patients dependent on ventilators, AVAPs, BiPAPs, CPAPs, with tracheostomies and those who require extensive respiratory treatments to achieve optimal breathing. This can be due to acute or chronic respiratory disorders such as COPD, CHF, Cancer, Pneumonia, and Respiratory Failure due to trauma.

Our goal is to assist each patient in reaching their maximum level of health and independence, and to re-establish their highest functioning pulmonary status.

At the time of admission, Astoria's Clinical Team will work together with the patient and their support system to establish an individual Care Path, which will be followed to achieve a safe and successful discharge.

The Respiratory Team includes:

  • Astoria's Interdisciplinary Team - will meet initially to prepare a plan of care, the throughout the process to provide the best outcome.
  • Facility Pulmonologist - who oversees the respiratory program and the care plans of our guests.
  • Respiratory Therapists - monitor each guest's ventilator unit and trach care to ensure stability and optimal airway management.
  • Speech Therapist - begin with the initial screening and assessment for communication and swallowing disorders, followed by intervention and treatment when necessary.
  • Physical/Occupational Therapists - work to maintain muscle strength with active/active assistive/passive ROM.
  • Our Trained Nurses - play a key role in the Ventilator Weaning Process by monitoring changes, assessing and managing pain and anxiety, and ensuring adequate breathing is maintained.


Rehabilitation Services

Astoria provides a spacious rehabilitation gym for physical, occupational and speech therapy. 
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I am extremely grateful and appreciative to everyone here for helping me reach my goals and to return home to my friends and family. I would recommend Astoria to everyone.

James Harden